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Kol Tregaskes My second goodbye is not really a goodbye, it's see you later. And that's to all you lot that use FriendFeed. I've made so many online friends here it's amazing. I never contributed to any online network or community before FriendFeed so it's been a relevation for me. I've spent a big chunk of my life on FF and it's really sad to see it go but... 4 hours ago - Comment - Like Steven Perez, Starmama, Steve C, Team Marina and 28 other people liked this ...we'll meet again on other networks so it's all good! Cya and thanks for having me, FFers! :-D - Kol Tregaskes 6 more comments Not been active much since 2009, but I will never forget the crazy FF party days of mid 2008 to early 09. - Jason hey call zukerberge maybe he listens to you, he kept hanging up on me. mind you was 3 in the morning ::-)))) - ♕Dr. Eynollah ♕

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